Michael Masterson

*michael masterson – 4 stages of growth video

*unlocking the blockbuster formula video – Great Leads book overview video



novice female entrepreneurs


every area has its own type of product – own mentality

investing area – product = investment newsletters

biz-opp= reports, webinars


price; offer, terms, guarantee, premium


figure out your product

figure out your offer;price

write your copy

find out where to place your media


what media

what product

what offer

what copy



creative ideas for products


pusher – gets everything done


keep trying new promotions for the same basic product

may want to tinker with the product a little bit

but dont tinker too much with the offer

learn everything you can about the media


dont waste your time on corporate marketing of any kind while you are in stage one, you are not in the business of branding,

only interested in making that first cost effective sale


interview the experts about something specific

expert provides the credibility, specific provides the USP

1 hour recording



great leads – 6 ways to get your reader emotionally charged up before he has time to start thinking about whether this is a good product decision, the rest of the package (80%) – dont worry you’ve made the right decision, let me give you some testimonials and proof..


copy isnt about changing minds – its stimulating resident emotions- the deeper the emotion, the stronger the copy


its showing ppl that you are like them, that you are in the same arena as them, that you feel the same things as them, and thats its ok for them to go thru and listen to the rest of what you have to say ( the proof )


if using a secret lead, never reveal the secret IN the lead

tease them as long as you can – let me tell you another secret.. more and more benefits


you start with 6 available lead types

you use the power of one – get one idea – very specific

find out awareness level of customer



stories and secrets are used throughout – and are the 2 most emotionally compelling ways of persuasion


rules of stories:

start in the middle of things; never start from the beginning

there is action and conflict in the middle

movie starts with a car chase;


*person involved – hero (represents the customer)

*hero has a problem (same problem the customer is having, only , on average, worse, because if its not, you lose all those readers emotionally) – reader has to recognize this is his problem and the hero has it even worse than he does

*hero overcoming the problem

*solution is equal to the product – dont have to name the product , but it has to be the same basic thing


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